Saturday, May 22, 2010


  My wife is a muppetts fan of sorts and I've always like the muppetts.  We did watch The Dark Crystal on our second date (suprisingly romantic).  We don't have a collection muppetts in every room like weirdos.  But who doesn't like the muppetts?  So I found out about the Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit at the National Heratige Museum in Lexington, MA.  Seems that it's owned by the Masons, so it's free (I'm being stalked by the Masons don't 'cha know).  Funny thing about the Masons, anything they do is free.  This museum, a Harvard-Yale football game tailgate and tickets, Dixie Echoes concert to benefit Matt Brown, ect.  So it's ironic that they call them Free Masons.

I've never heard of these guys, but they had their own show called The Tales of Tinkerdee.

This is a poster Henson did while in college.

You know this guy.

This is one of the earliest Kermits in a coffee commercial.  And on that note we were also fond of the La Choy Dragon.

My Hero

Then I was told by a museum employee that I had to stop taking pictures.  Fair enough.


Amy said...

Love the Muppetts - thanks for posting the pictures.

Kellie said...

that muppet room was a photo from my bachelorette days.

-the wife