Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ultimate Compliment

Let it be known.  Today, May 14th 2010, my 33rd birthday, I received the highest sartorial compliment.  A certain patient of ours who happens to be the general manager of a certain century old men's clothing store told me that he liked what I was wearing and that I should be a model for the century old men's clothing store.
I think that there are enough clues there without violating HIPPA regulations.

New tie from the Top Self Flea (I have the sporting gentleman tie)
Lands End Canvas navy blue/white gingam pocket square
Lands End tailored fit blazer
Lands End tailored fit campus collar blue oxford button down shirt
Gap straight fit chinos
Suede Desert boots from J. Crew
Brown belt from Old Navy that I've had forever
Fossil watch

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