Friday, April 9, 2010

Cherry Poppin'

We have a patient who probably sleeps with a bow tie on (bad visual) and we were talking about it at work a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned that I own one bow tie.  The girl I work with, who is a bit eccentric, really thought I should wear it to work one day.  That day was today and I just popped my bow tie cherry.  And it's hard to do.
First you have to learn how to tie it.  That was tough.

There were many Youtube clips and step by step images, but this was the one that worked for me.  Step 4 is the hardest part.  I was so confused on where I was doing what, looping tab Q into slot J.

Then, it takes big balls for a 30`something year old guy to go to work in a busy hospital and walk around all day with a bow tie.  I did get some nice compliments and a lot of people looking at me.  The trick was to pretend the bow tie wasn't even there.  I think that's the key to pulling off any type of clothing/style/fashion.

My wife took a picture when I got home.

Bow tie by Brooks Brothers.
Blue oxford trim fit botton-down w/ varsity collar from Lands End, brown linen sports coat from H&M, Khakis from Old Navy, dark blue socks from Dockers, and brown split toe shoes from Ecco.  Watch from Fossil.

Funny thing, when I was driving through the parking garage this morning, I saw a guy (mid 40's, Asian {because details matter}) wearing a bow tie.  How dare you, sir!  So I took it as a sign that it was an Unofficial Bow Tie Wearing Day.