Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boot Quest

My boot quest has finally ended.  I wanted a pair of good leather boots, that's all.
I wear a size 12 shoe, sometimes 11.5.
First I bought a pair of 8" LL Bean boots, size 11.

Too Big.  So I returned them to a LL Bean store and tried to get a size 10 but they were out of stock of every Bean boot they had.  I know that LL Bean boots are popular, but come on!
So I ordered 3 different pairs of size 10 LL Bean boot and ad them delivered to the LL Bean store in Dedham, MA.  8", 6", and 8" with Thinsulate.  The 8" size ten boot did fit.  So I thought I was satisfied until I was shoveling snow a few days later and the boots started leaking.  I brought them back to the store, nuf said.

Then I figured I try some Dr. Martens.

I ordered a size 12 of the popular 1460's.  I also got some extra laces and a new can of Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam (good stuff).
The boots came and when I laced them to the top, the eyelets met.  WTF?  I didn't think I had skinny legs (I don't).
I sent them back.

Then I ordered Thorogood American Heritage Wedge (non-saftey toe) 6" moc-toe

Made in the USA in Wisconsin.  I liked the look of the boots.  They came quick.  They smelled great.  I thought they were the ones, but...
There was a ton of room in the heel.  My heel came up every time I took a step.
I'm in the middle of sending them back.

Today, after I went to the town dump, I drove to the closest Red Wing Shoe store.  It was a half hour away in Brockton, MA.
I settled on the Irish Setter 6" Wingshooter.

The boots are comfortable, padded on the inside.  They are warm and waterproof.  They look good.  I'm happy.  Thank goodness.
"I am easily satisfied with the very best." Winston Churchhill

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blog roll

Alright, got a good start to the blog roll.