Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm having a few problems, this is a test.

Good Gulf Gas. I may or may not be experiencing technical difficulties. It may be one of the computers I use. Please check out my Tumblr blog, the link is on the right.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mount Gay Rum Red Hat - Leukemia Cup 2007

It's like buying a Super Bowl ring.

 Within the inner circles of the sailing community the Mount Gay Rum red hat is kind of a big deal. They are given to sailors at a regatta or race or whatever and are worn as a badge of honor or something. One cannot buy a hat at retail. Sailors will tell you that it is uncouth and sacrilegious to buy a red hat. But that's just what I did. I saw plenty of people wearing them at the Fugawi weekend last year and I was a bit jealous that I couldn't have one. So I bought one on eBay.

Did I race in the 2007 Leukemia Cup? No.

Did I endure Fugawi weekend 2010? Yes.

Do I have a relative or friend with Leukemia? Yes.

Could I raise Leukemia awareness with this hat? Yes.

Next time you consider giving to a charity please consider giving to one that supports Leukemia research.