Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nantucket or Where we won't be going back to anytime soon

The bride and I had such a great time on Martha's Vineyard after our wedding that I thought it might be nice to check out Nantucket.  We did, on Memorial Day weekend, in the midst of the Figawi boat race.  It turns out that the man from Nantucket is Martha's douchbag brother.

On Martha's Vineyard, the weekend after Labor Day, there were many things to do and see and these things just seemed to find us.  We happened upon great restaurants, we took a bike ride from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs and then found a quiet beach.  We found places where there were affordable things to purchase.

Not so in Nantucket.  Things just didn't jump out at us.  Restaurants, shopping, activities...nothing.  Thing were expensive.  The Whaling museum admission was 17 dollars and we passed.  The worst part was that the island was full of drunk preppy douchbags.  All the rich girls wore aviators and colored wayfarers.  It was funny watching girls in high heels crossing cobblestone streets.  There were a couple of bars that were packed with drunk twenty-somethings.  Parts of downtown Nantucket seemed like a college campus.
I did buy a pair of Nantucket Reds at Murray's Toggery Shop.  Probably the only good thing to come out of our trip.  I could have bought them online but it was nice to be in the shop.  Murray's had a great selection of seersucker critter shorts.

We were booked for the 8:30 pm high speed ferry to leave but we were ready to go at 4 pm.  We caught the next ferry at 6:00 and got the hell out of there.  Let go to the tape...

The Fast (and expensive) Ferry

"Buffy, do you see Muffy's boat?" 

Nantucket is very beautiful

"Chad, have you seen Mumsy about?"

Yeah, they're selling a Lichtenstein, no big deal.

 That is an Andy Worhol autographed Campbell's soup label (GTFOOH, really?)

Here comes the ferry to save us! The fast ferry is on the right, the slow ferry is leaving on the left.

Goodbye, ACK.

"Muffy, I think I see Buffy and Tad's boat!"

I didn't say it wasn't beautiful, Nantucket's got that.

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