Friday, August 13, 2010

Bow Tie - Round 2

This is my second time wearing a bow tie (first time was back in April).  I got this tie at An Affordable Wardrobe's Top Shelf Flea.  The tie itself is a handmade madras bow tie from The Cordial Churchman

There's a doctor in the building at work who has a "friendy mutton chops" beard and wears a bow tie everyday.  I happened to walk by him today in the hall and we gave each other a head nod as to say "Yes, we may look like knuckelheads with our bow ties but we are also pretty damn awesome because we can pull it off."  We said all that in a nod, it was powerful.


Silk Regimental said...

It looks great!

David M. said...

thanks, good luck with your new blog and keep wearing those those reds.

Ellie said...

Hey - I'm glad you like your bow tie! Thanks for sharing your picture. Would it be alright if I use it on my blog? I'm going to start posting pictures of gentlemen wearing my bow ties weekly.

David M. said...

Hi Ellie,
Of course you can. I'd be honored. I'm looking forward to your F/W line-up.