Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not a very well thought out plan

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I was trying to google this blog (Tea For One, as it was).  I'd like to at least be able to google my own blog and know that it is easy to find.  It wasn't even remotely one of the top results.  Tea For One is a Led Zeppelin song that I can't even hum the first bar to.  A bit hypocritical if you ask me.  So I decided to change the name and address of the blog to something more obscure (e.i. easily searchable on Google).

What I do know is the blues, and everyone knows that the blues start with Robert Johnson.  When I practice enough, I can play They're Red Hot all the way through.  In one verse, he and his babe bought a V8 Ford and they wound that thing on the running board.  Ahh, "The Running Board", that would be a good name for a blog.  But alas, it was taken (and not being used, damnit).  In another verse, the monkey and the baboon are playing in the grass and the monkey stuck his finger in the Good Gulf Gas.  Not as good as The Running Board, but good and available.

So I took it...and lost my blog roll, which is one of the main reasons I have a blog.  And I also lost my followers, yes, plural.  My lovely wife was one of my followers.  I can get her back.  But the other follower was a blogger named Tucker.

It was quite humbling when I found out that someone I didn't know, and blogger at that, was following my blog.  I had seen his blog before, however it was not on my blog roll.  Of course I immediately became a follower of his blogs and put them on my blog roll.  What I hadn't noticed was that he put my blog on his blog roll.  Now the name and address change to my blog has totally screwed that gig up.  Not a very well thought out plan.

Until I found out that someone was actually following my blog I never considered myself a blogger, but if you've ever seen What About Bob?, Bill Murray's character says "I'm sailing, I'm a sailor, I sail!".  Well, if I have a blog and I post blogs then that makes me a blogger.

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