Wednesday, July 21, 2010

J Who?

I'm going to be a cranky old man for a minute.
  Does J. Crew make anything themselves anymore?  They're turning into a department store.  It looks like they've gotten their hands on some copies of Take Ivy and plan on making it their own, sort of.  "J.Crew has printed 300 limited-edition copies in a special slide case (and 700 copies of the standard copies of the book)."  is the news comes from an email I get from Thompson Hotels.  And I do think it's weird that a hotel chain is blogging about fashion trends like aviator glasses and Ivy style.
  J. Crew is current selling nearly thirty other brands other than their own on their website.  From jeans to bags to sneakers...the list goes on.  And it's not like you can't get these things from the companies that make them.  You can buy a Baracuta jacket from Baracuta.

Here's an example.  Let's look at the Tretorn T-56 sneaker.

Here is Tretorn from Tretorn, and here is Tretorn from J. Crew.  The Tretorn from Tretorn is five dollars less than what J. Crew is selling it for.  There are more examples, but I digress.

Take Ivy can be bought from Powerhouse, the company that is publishing it.

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Kellie said...

Two comments:

1. I easily purchased your birthday copy of Take Ivy on Amazon (btw, that should be here soon)

2. Enough about J.Crew, don't you think it's waaaay more important that we eradicate LL Bean Signature?

-your bride