Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sporting "Shoes"

Real men play sports or a least do athletic things. At the very least real men watch sports or are into cars or motorcycles. I don't trust a man who does like sports or at least has some sort of manly hobby. Today's post highlights the shoes that I use for my athletic hobbies and I would surmise that one would be at an athletic disadvantage if he were not to wear these shoes on his feet.

You will need to size up on some of these shoes such as hiking shoes, ice skates, and ski boots. The reason being for toe comfort. I learned the hard way, that you'll need plenty of room in the toe of your hiking boot when hiking downhill. And speaking of hiking boots, be sure to spring for something waterproof.

Men don't wear figure skates. Until Alden or Mark McNairy make a pair of ice skates, get a pair of hockey skates.

As for golf shoes, they don't make 'em like they used to. Well, they make them better than they used to but they don't look as good. I have a pair of Dryjoys similar to the pair shown below and they are saddle shoes for all intents and purposes, so it will be easy to look good on the links. Don't even get me started on how golfers dress nowadays...atrocious.

I used to always rent skis and ski boots when I went skiing. Then a friend of mine gave me a used pair of skis when he bought new ones and I was forced to buy my own boots to go with my preowned skis. I would recommend to anyone who skis occasionally and rents equipment at the mountain to go ahead and buy their own boots and just rent skis and poles at the mountain. There nothing like have YOUR own boots on your feet, because rental ski boots suck. Period.

I'm the kind of person who is paraniod about putting my foot down in a lake or in the ocean. I especially freak out if I can't see where I'm putting my foot down, like in a murky lake. Nothing is worse than stepping in weeds, dead leaves, and mud in a lake with bare feet. But water shoes make everything alright. They also help at the beach too, because the New England shoreline is quite rocky.

And finally, softball cleats. Playing softball in sneakers just doesn't work that well. You can pick some up cheap and enjoy some summer softball.
Merrell Hiking Shoes

Nice Booooooots!

Water Shoes

Baseball/Softball Cleats

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