Monday, April 4, 2011


A man should certainly own at least one pair of loafers. All four shown here are Bass Weejuns. I'm not so sure a kiltie tassel loafer is good for a young man but a basic flat strap loafer is a good starter loafer. Loafers go with many types of pants (and shorts, too) and can be worn with or without socks. You could wear a pair of loafers with a suit or with a pair of jeans. That makes the loafer a very versatile shoe and essential to man's wardrobe.

Personally, I have a pair of tan loafers from Bass (which I happen to wearing today). However, I must admit that they were a an impulse buy at a Bass outlet store in Tilton, NH. I know companies make specific item for their outlet stores and I'm afraid that that's what I have. I'm looking forward to getting myself a pair of Weejuns or something similar in the near future, most likely a beefroll.

One other thing; a year or so ago, GQ endorsed the Bass Dover model. It was supposed to be sleeker and shinier and modern. I took the bait and bought a pair and things didn't end well. The fit was terrible, especially in the toe. Long story short, I just threw them in the trash and took the hit. It's tough when something that you have your mind set on doesn't quite fit right.

Flat Strap

Beef Roll


Kiltie Tassel
All photos from the Bass website

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