Friday, April 8, 2011

Boat Shoes

The boat shoe is one of my favorite shoes. They slip on easily like a loafer but you can tighten 'em up for optimal comfort. That's kind of stating the obvious to me but a lot of guys don't realize this. Boats look good with casual pants like chinos, Reds, and jeans and they always look good with shorts. They're a great summer shoe. Sometimes I wear them with socks in the Spring and Autumn, and I know purists won't like that but I don't give a shit. I know that rules so I can't break 'em. I especially boats look good with ragg wool socks.

I would only buy Sperry Top-Siders if I were you. They have the original non-slip sole. The color choice is up to you. Sperry makes chukka boat shoes and a winter boat shoes. I do wish I had some money to burn on those. Did I mention that like boat shoes?

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