Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna buy a duck?

I recently did some Autumn clothes purging.  I filled three trash bags full of clothes I don't wear, won't wear, and can't fit into and brought them to the nearest clothing donation box.  Parting is such sweet sorrow but we'll always have the memories, and Paris...

But there are some items I can't just "throw away".  A leather jacket, a gray suit, a tuxedo, etc.  But it's come to the point where I have enough clothes, damnit.  These chosen few articles are walking the fine line.  Too good to toss, just a bit outdated, or the fit is I really don't wear anymore are going up for bid on eBay.

I've bought things on eBay before but never sold anything.  The first two things up for bid are the tuxedo and the leather jacket.  I already have a tux and was given this second one.  There is no good reason I should have two tuxedos.  As for the leather jacket, it was an impulse buy.  I had wanted to upgrade my leather jacket from the XL brown bomber jacket I got a Sears in '00 to a black 'hipster' jacket (because in hits at the hips, not because a hipster would wear it).  For some reason I just had to have it...in August of '05.  And I don't wear it anymore, my tastes and styles have changed.  There are other items to come but these are the two that I've put up for bid now.

I don't need two tuxedos

I can do better

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