Monday, August 30, 2010

Anatomy of a Cape Weekend

  My wife and I went down to Cape Cod this weekend.  The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky the whole weekend.  I took these pictures and video on my new iPhone 3GS.  As you can see we're getting pretty good at having a great Cape weekend. 
  Also on this trip but not shown are: three hours of beachin' at Chapoquoit Beach, biking on the Shining Sea Bikeway, shopping in downtown Falmouth, dinner at the Chapoquoit Grille (cheesey toasted garlic bread, New York strip, and key lime pie), iced coffee at Coffee Obsession and Starbucks, soft serve ice cream at DQ, two church services on Sunday, and a toasting marshmallows on a big campfire at dusk.

 Lobster Roll and Stuffed Quahogs at Raw Bar in Mashpee.  There's about three lobsters worth of lobster in that roll.

 Lobster (again!) with "how to eat a lobster plate".

 A ride in Uncle Paul's '62 CJ-5.

Ice cream with freshly rolled waffle cones at The Somerset Creamery.  That's my Blueberry Pie ice cream on the right.  It had pie crust in it and it was the BOMB!

A nice sunset at Chapoquoit Beach

And the ride coming back from Stop & Shop to get lobsters in the CJ-5


Silk Regimental said...

I absolutely love Cape Cod... looks like you had a great weekend.


Jealous in FL

David M. said...

I'm fortunate to have relatives with guest rooms. I'll be wishing for Florida this winter.

Silk Regimental said...

Hey... you could take my house in FL (3/2 with a pool) for six months in the winter, and I could take your place for six months in the summer!!!

-Ummm, errr, I guess that wouldn't work ;(